Tuesday, October 19, 2010

World of Warcraft

The sad and unfortunate reality is that some people are stuck playing this horrible game; an even sadder reality being people [addicts] continuously playing this game and getting their lives ruined at the same time, endlessly going toward the carrot in front of them that they'll never get.
I say horrible game because once you play for a while and turn in your first few quests, you get an idea what you're going to be doing for the entire game. (I wouldn't really bitch about the repetitiveness if it wasn't like a virtual job.) When you get to the level cap, you'll really be doing the same thing (daily repeatable quests) again and again if not waiting in LFG for a group to do a dungeon. The only lure of the game is virtual gold and better equipment, and the equipment one painstakingly earns is bound to get replaced by equipment available in a new patch/expansion. I found it ironic when Burning Crusade just came out causing people to complain about the level 61 common uncommon ("green") gear replacing the high end level 60 epic gear; the only thing they've been doing in that game is replacing gear and getting [worthless] gold.

This game is unusually similar to getting cheese from completing a maze.
Come to think of it, why are the Horde and the Alliance still fighting? I think I forgot or wasn't told about that crucial aspect of the story. Post a comment if you know what the fuck is going on in that game.

Friday, October 8, 2010


So far

strikes me as something similar to a pyramid scheme that involves no charge to get in; actually, the people that join get 4 cents from clicking their first advertisements. Awesome? You be the judge. The referrer gets money from the referred's clicks (the referred experiences no deduction though), but the referrer does not get money from the referred's referred's click, breaking some aspect of a pyramid. You need to refer people to actually get money or you'll get 4 cents a day. An alternative to actually referring people is buying rented referrals, 3 for 75 cents.

Because I, like most people, like money and getting money from what other people are doing, I suggest you take a few seconds whenever you're bored to sign up (using banner preferably), click a few ads for money, and get other people to do the same.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"iRenew" and Similar Older BS

So a brand spanking new thing came out onto market that supposedly "harnesses natural frequencies that occur in your immediate environment to help tune and rebalance your biofield (?) to a more natural state" meaning it will make you stronger, more energetic, etc.  As awesome and super as this sounds, it only reminded me of a very similar product released into the internet a few/ten years ago.

This whole iRenew thing hits me in the face with a shovel as Alex Chiu: 2010. Well, at least Alex bothered to bastardize science (similar to what alternative medicine does) to explain how his product works.

Just in case you, did not have internet ten years ago, Alex Chiu is a seller of "immortality rings" that supposedly enhances blood circulation and increases metabolism by magnetism. I'm no science expert, but Wikipedia, a website that does not rely on the testimonials of delusional and gullible people, states that DNA damage, a factor in aging, is caused indirectly by radiation and metabolic activities- the more metabolic activities incur, the more transcription errors may occur in cell division, and the more transcription errors occur, the sooner the DNA will enter an irreversible state of dormancy.

I'm not quite sure how magnets work, but I'm quite sure magnets don't work on par or better than stem cells. Same notion goes for plastic bracelets.

EDIT: Thanks to this post, now I have ads about magnetic doodads. Feel free to check it out and laugh at alt. med bs, but don't expect it to work.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Old Ass Game and Measures to Prevent Cheating

Despite Blizzard's super hard stance on botting and cheating, they still didn't get rid of what they're against. Diablo 2 is indeed an old ass game, but Blizzard is still banning cheaters and hackers- ironically, map hacking is what downplays the lengthy task of finding the next level in a maze like map and keeps the average player up to speed with the average duper, botter, and joe that buys gear from spambots.

Blizzard's attempts to kill cheating sucks. Ruststorm does nothing to reduce the profitability of duping and instead created the common case where a legit, hard earned high rune is traded for a duped rune that will disappear. I'll give Warden a "does-its-job" point for catching [some] botters and hackers; no other points because of it's inability to get rid of spammers. What would've been nice for patch 1.13 is permanent squelch; and for future patches, a store for in-game items (with reasonable prices) so players can re-experience the times they had running around in the Throne of Destruction on Hell mode long after the game economy has stagnated and/or died without having to give money to the people spamming.
Why am I still playing this game....

Sunday, October 3, 2010

First Post

Making a first post on a blog that has no direction is kind of difficult- I mostly blame my inability to randomly spew things out on a life [so far] of following directions. When I see this blank space, I can only wonder what's my prompt, how long does my entry have to be, and if there are any specifics that I must include.
Maybe a blog can help me rid myself of my dependency on instructions.