Friday, October 8, 2010


So far

strikes me as something similar to a pyramid scheme that involves no charge to get in; actually, the people that join get 4 cents from clicking their first advertisements. Awesome? You be the judge. The referrer gets money from the referred's clicks (the referred experiences no deduction though), but the referrer does not get money from the referred's referred's click, breaking some aspect of a pyramid. You need to refer people to actually get money or you'll get 4 cents a day. An alternative to actually referring people is buying rented referrals, 3 for 75 cents.

Because I, like most people, like money and getting money from what other people are doing, I suggest you take a few seconds whenever you're bored to sign up (using banner preferably), click a few ads for money, and get other people to do the same.


  1. Nice, I will check this out. 4 cents isnt much, but when it adds up...

  2. hmm, I'll check this out.

    +follow, check my blog some time. :D