Tuesday, October 19, 2010

World of Warcraft

The sad and unfortunate reality is that some people are stuck playing this horrible game; an even sadder reality being people [addicts] continuously playing this game and getting their lives ruined at the same time, endlessly going toward the carrot in front of them that they'll never get.
I say horrible game because once you play for a while and turn in your first few quests, you get an idea what you're going to be doing for the entire game. (I wouldn't really bitch about the repetitiveness if it wasn't like a virtual job.) When you get to the level cap, you'll really be doing the same thing (daily repeatable quests) again and again if not waiting in LFG for a group to do a dungeon. The only lure of the game is virtual gold and better equipment, and the equipment one painstakingly earns is bound to get replaced by equipment available in a new patch/expansion. I found it ironic when Burning Crusade just came out causing people to complain about the level 61 common uncommon ("green") gear replacing the high end level 60 epic gear; the only thing they've been doing in that game is replacing gear and getting [worthless] gold.

This game is unusually similar to getting cheese from completing a maze.
Come to think of it, why are the Horde and the Alliance still fighting? I think I forgot or wasn't told about that crucial aspect of the story. Post a comment if you know what the fuck is going on in that game.

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  1. have you tried it? it pretty entertaining
    and you do know you can sell your account for $$ if you had enough