Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"iRenew" and Similar Older BS

So a brand spanking new thing came out onto market that supposedly "harnesses natural frequencies that occur in your immediate environment to help tune and rebalance your biofield (?) to a more natural state" meaning it will make you stronger, more energetic, etc.  As awesome and super as this sounds, it only reminded me of a very similar product released into the internet a few/ten years ago.

This whole iRenew thing hits me in the face with a shovel as Alex Chiu: 2010. Well, at least Alex bothered to bastardize science (similar to what alternative medicine does) to explain how his product works.

Just in case you, did not have internet ten years ago, Alex Chiu is a seller of "immortality rings" that supposedly enhances blood circulation and increases metabolism by magnetism. I'm no science expert, but Wikipedia, a website that does not rely on the testimonials of delusional and gullible people, states that DNA damage, a factor in aging, is caused indirectly by radiation and metabolic activities- the more metabolic activities incur, the more transcription errors may occur in cell division, and the more transcription errors occur, the sooner the DNA will enter an irreversible state of dormancy.

I'm not quite sure how magnets work, but I'm quite sure magnets don't work on par or better than stem cells. Same notion goes for plastic bracelets.

EDIT: Thanks to this post, now I have ads about magnetic doodads. Feel free to check it out and laugh at alt. med bs, but don't expect it to work.


  1. Hmm. I've heard these things worked but then again how can I trust the word of people I've never met.

  2. Hey, in regards to your proxy hatch question i usually build it at around 15 workers =] almost always on scrapiron station i send out my scout at 9 do extractor build pool at 13 then use my scouter to build a hatch outside his base at 15. by the time he has zealot or two i'll have ling backup and spines ^_^

  3. so this is supposed to change how you feel?