Monday, October 4, 2010

Old Ass Game and Measures to Prevent Cheating

Despite Blizzard's super hard stance on botting and cheating, they still didn't get rid of what they're against. Diablo 2 is indeed an old ass game, but Blizzard is still banning cheaters and hackers- ironically, map hacking is what downplays the lengthy task of finding the next level in a maze like map and keeps the average player up to speed with the average duper, botter, and joe that buys gear from spambots.

Blizzard's attempts to kill cheating sucks. Ruststorm does nothing to reduce the profitability of duping and instead created the common case where a legit, hard earned high rune is traded for a duped rune that will disappear. I'll give Warden a "does-its-job" point for catching [some] botters and hackers; no other points because of it's inability to get rid of spammers. What would've been nice for patch 1.13 is permanent squelch; and for future patches, a store for in-game items (with reasonable prices) so players can re-experience the times they had running around in the Throne of Destruction on Hell mode long after the game economy has stagnated and/or died without having to give money to the people spamming.
Why am I still playing this game....

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